The most important things that we care for ..?

As human beings… I still cannot understand the full meaning of that word as i feel it encompasses so much …

Yeah i almost forgot what i wanted to convey….. It happens all the time Never mind. As creatures of nature on this planet, we always care for things that we feel precious and that affects us in some way..

We care for things that affect us like a relationship , Money, Pride, Love ….Isn’t it so selfish to care about things or people that only affect us.So i feel every human being here in this not so holy planet is selfish.  The classic example being me i always call somebody when i feel lonely..You may say don’t judge the world by the standards you have set for yourself.. Or you may say not everyone is like myself. True I agree but only to an extent from my experiences..

I used to work for an IT firm in bangalore In  india .. There used to be a blind guy reaching out for help. He would have been a better human being if god had given him eyesight.. He was so courteous that he would not even trouble the office goers for help though he could have.. He would stand in the same place all day in scorching daylight till evening except for occasional eating..

I always wonder why he has been punished … Though i  don’t deserve the comfort that god has gifted me … I feel selfish to lead my own self caring life though i can see not everyone has been gifted. Also my proud fellow human beings who used to go pass him never helped him lead his life better but only took pity on him and gave him a meager rupee for his meal…

I consider giving alms as disrespecting another fellow human being.. I used to get him bundles of hot idly(Indian food) but i always feel a remorse in me that i am selfish to lead a carefree life..



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